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We help organizations create and deliver sustainable value

The Value Enablement Group helps organizations change the way they measure value so they can create and deliver better and more sustainable value for their stakeholders, for our environment, and for society. 

Founded in 2009 with the goal of helping organizations address 3 core challenges:

We work with clients to help them clarify the most important

problems, measure the value gaps, and design and implement

solutions that meet the needs for all stakeholders.

Our process is simple:

  • Assess the value gaps (problems and opportunities)

  • Understand the impact of change (planned & unplanned)

  • Ignite creative thinking and design solution(s)

  • Prioritize initiatives and drive innovation with precision

  • Roadmap implementation to address the value gaps


We created the Biz:DNA© to simplify solution design and accelerate delivery of services to resolve pain and improve value delivery. 

Our Values

  • Continuously Learn and incorporate new thinking


  • Think creatively and expansively


  • Improve the way people and companies adapt to change


  • Embrace change and uncertainty


  • Enhance the way knowledge is conceptualized and consumed


  • Improve sustainable value for all stakeholders

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